Sunday, August 23, 2009

Springtime - Digital Collage


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Created for Theme Thursday , Subject for the week is "Seasons."
I really love the springtime, even though that's when my allergies seem to kick in the worst.
You can't beat all the beautiful flowers that pop up! Of course, with flowers come...bees!!! Eeek!

Modified Sources:
Woman is from Vintage Liasons CD (off Ebay)
Orange flowers from SanDesign (off Etsy)
White flower from a picture I took
Bees are from Wikimedia
Little girl is from spiceitup (off Etsy)
Background is from sabrinazanetti (off Etsy)


  1. Thanks for stoppng by my blog...I love your collage too!

  2. Both postcards are superb 'Springtime' creations, Leila!


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