Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lurking in the Shadows - Digital Collage

Do YOU know what is lurking in the shadows...?

Created for this weeks Art on the Dark Side challenge.

Topic is "Lurking in the shadows"

This image is actually based off something that happened to me a long time ago. My family went to visit some relatives/friends in San Diego, and due to work (or school...there was some reason), I stayed behind and house sat for them so they wouldn't have to try and find someone to come and feed their animals. It got pretty late at night and the dogs started I left my room to go shut them up and avoid neighbor complaints, but I noticed something in the corner of my eye as I passed my sisters room. I stopped in my tracks and peered into her room just to make sure no one broke into the house, but then my body went cold. As I continued to stare into the room I noticed a hand reaching out towards my face. Let me tell you, I did NOT stick around to see if anything was attached to that hand. I raced across the house, let the dogs in, and kept them by my side IN MY ROOM damn near on top of me, to make sure I was safe in this big dark creeky house that I now regretted house sitting alone.

My parents weren't even phased when I informed them of the creepiness of their home. They let me know that my brother had researched the plot of land their home was built on and had found out it was built on top of a Native American burial site. We apparently had 4 resident "ghosts" living with us that kept to their section of the house. To be honest, I really did not need anymore info than that. I already knew something was going on in this house, I could sense and see various things that my logical mind could not figure out. That was enough for me and enough of a reason to start plotting the day I would be moving out on my a not so haunted new home.

20 years of living in that house....and they wonder why I'm an insomniac to this day....

So this image I created is based on that time in my life. One I do not wish to physically revisit...

Modified Sources:

Baby dolls and background door are from *iTkUpiLLi* (off Etsy)

Crazy looking doll is from an Etsy seller, but I can't find the name

Hand image I created


  1. OM Goodness...creepy! I had the same happen to me when I was young..but it was a older woman in a white dress. Never slept in the basement again.

    Great image!!!

  2. this is amazing! love the eerie-ness of your collage, very realistic when looking at it!

  3. What a cool story and your collage is fab :D Although your experience must have been heartstopping (well almost) it must have enriched your life, look at all the inspiration it gave you ! Hihi :) Lovely piece !


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