Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magical World - Digital Collage

You never know what you will find once you open a book...

This image is 3 fold.
I created this piece for 2 of this weeks challenges
and combined it with a co-workers request to include her horse into one of my art pieces.


Created for Art on the Dark Side - Topic is "Surreal"


Created for The Three Muses - Topic is "Numerology"


For my co-worker...Champion is now forever digitalized! Hope everyone likes. :-)

Modified Sources:

The horse belongs to my co-worker...
The woman is from an Etsy Seller (name isn't on collage sheet, sorry!)
Rabbit is from Gekkokamen (off Etsy)
Everything else is from Studio Girls Scrapbook Graphics (I believe)


  1. So --- I'm sitting here humming "A horse is a horse, of course, of course". Surreally great fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic surreal piece, Leila!

  3. You just have to look at this full sized - it's amazing!

  4. What a great and colorful collage! :)

  5. Woooooooooooooow this is a stunning collage.
    Looks great.

  6. Deliciously surreal and a big smile for me thinking to myself that I am glad you managed to show the most important parts of the horsey - the head and the behind with a very long enigma in between. Beautiful horse. Wow. Your picture is priceless and I love it - a lot. Fantastic work.

  7. I hope that everyone enlarges this piece to see all of the wonderful details. Isn't it great to combine two challenges into one?! And you've struck the jackpot with the addition of your co-workers horse! Fabulous! Hugs, Terri

  8. this piece is amazing! love your work!

  9. Stunning collage! Looks wonderful!

  10. great piece..wonderful perspective....

  11. Wonderful surreal collage - creative and cool!

  12. What a awesom scenery Leila !
    I specialy love that painting on the right !!
    LOL and the teckered floor !
    BRAVO !!

  13. The very slightly "off-kilter" turn of the horse's rear part adds to the sense of fun...not what would have been expected...nice "off-balance" balance...centre clock w/o hands is a cool touch, too!

  14. I'm in awe of a real artist! Fascinating creation!

  15. Gorgeous piece ! and how fun that you could combine three challenges ;)


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