Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quotes - Digital Collage

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This weeks topic for The Three Muses is "Quotes."

I chose to do my image on the quote "when pigs fly..."
I like that quote for some reason and thought it would be fun for this topic.

I'm a tad frustrated, though, because it's not exactly how I wanted it to come out.
I was trying a tutorial in a Surreal Digital Photography book and the writer is a bit confusing.
I have no idea what the heck he's talking about and it really shouldn't be so hard.
Maybe I'm just exhausted this week but I feel like I'm reading a bunch of gyberish.

So here's my piece.
For now.
I'm determined to figure out this tutorial, so hopefully sometime in the coming weeks I can get this image to look like the one in my head.

Bye bye for now, hope you enjoy!

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  1. It's still pretty cool--I love the man :)

  2. This is wonderful Leila - surreal and full of expression and symbolism. "When Pigs Fly" takes on a hopeful meaning here!

  3. The beauty of surreal is that we can set ourselves free and do whatever we please and have it mean what we want it to mean and leave everyone else guessing!! Throw your book of gibberish away and follow your own lead!! I love your picture. It is whimsical and thoughtful too. I have already written my own short story to it. I think the poor man thinks the love of his life will come along when pigs fly. That's the beauty of surreal. Countless stories can come from one picture.

  4. I love how you shared this and also your frustration...I think you are brave to attempt it...seems hard to me and I haven't even looked at that book. LOL xoxo betzie

  5. I know how you feel about the tutorial. That's the way I feel about most Photoshop tutorials! They leave me stomping and swearing! Nevertheless, your piece is whimsical and great fun. Personally, I think he'll smile when pigs fly!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Like the internal picture frame idea; and the toned-downed hues all blend well to create the mood...nice balance of static and active elements!

  7. OMG I´ve missed my words Leila.
    This is brilliant. Fantastic work.

  8. It looks pretty darned good to me...or should I say surreal? I think you did this challenge perfectly! LynnF

  9. Love the piggies!..... great stuff!

  10. Pish posh! Your digital collage is awesome. Don't worry about that tutorial; just follow your instincts. Your art always awes me because I have NO digital skills. I love the image of the irrepressible pigs flying with the dignified gent in the foreground.

    If you have time, please stop my blog, Amusing Muses, for a special blog event.

    HeARTFULLY yours,

  11. This is a beauty! I love your art here!!

  12. Love your surreal pictures! This one is special!

  13. Wonderful, funny surreal piece, love it!

  14. The tutorial may be frustrating, but your piece is great! Love the man in the bowler hat and the pigs, especially the pigs!

  15. I like your "when pigs fly" entry. Sounds like the author of the book may know his subject but not really know how to express it clearly for a novice in his technique.

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  17. Very interesting and surreal.
    It reminds of Margrite.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. i just realized i don't really know what that means *Ü*. i do like what you did....i think you did a great job.

    Maybe you should try on line...it find all my info online now

  20. Love your piece! the combination of colour and grey is super and I love your flying pigs :)



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