Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something in the Air - Digital Collage

This weeks theme for The Three Muses is "Something in the Air."

It reminded me of a time when Damian and I were supposed to go Hot Air Ballooning, which unfortunately got canceled due to weather. It was an anniversary gift that I was SO excited about...and then very bummed about.

Mother Nature can be so testy sometimes.

I'm really hoping that we'll be able to schedule a trip in the immediate future...but for now, I'll settle on my fantasy image. :-)

Hope you like! Can you guess who the people are?? hehe.

Modified Elements:
Male is Damian (my fiancee)
Female is me - A picture of me scaling a wall in Haiti during our visit in '01
Background is a combination of 2 backgrounds from Scrapbook Graphics & Scrap Orchard
Our hot air balloon is from Scrapbook Graphics
Other hot air balloons are from Digital Collage Sheet to go (off Etsy)
Sun is from Scrap Orchard
Frame, shoes, crown & mittens - not sure where I picked those up.
Clowns are from Itkupilli (Off Etsy)
Building background is from a postcard I purchased off Ebay


  1. Hi Leila!!!

    I love your piece....beautiful work and I love the hot air balloons!!!


  2. Fabulous piece, Leila, I'd love to go hot-air ballooning, too!

  3. Erk. I just typed a comment and disappeared without trace. Leila, your picture is priceless. I love everything about it, especially you defying the laws of gravity, climbing up a flying rope. I love the way you have built your picture and the gorgeous colours. Great artwork. Take a bow!

  4. Oh wow this is fantastic. So many gorgeus ballons. Love them.

  5. What a wonderful collage!! love how you put your images together and the dreamy background makes it all the more surreal!! Love it!!!


  6. Your collages have allways a special surreal look, wich is very cool.

  7. Yes, I love this too--very cool effect--I can almost see the balloons floating.

  8. This collage is a beautiful fantasy! I've often dreamed of hot air ballooning too. I hope your dream comes true soon!

  9. Such a fantastic creation, Leila! Beautifully presented.

  10. What a fun collage. That must be you climbing the rope huh? Very clever :) Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is a Great digi piece. I love how you inserted yourself into it.

  12. I Love all of your Hot Air Balloons!!! I'd be the one climbing still trying to get on!! Very Fun!

  13. Love your surreal piece, the sdrdeamy backgroun, the composition and the soft colours. Beautiful work!

  14. What a wonderful piece you created, fabulous. Your post was lots of fun to read.


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