Sunday, February 7, 2010

Longing - Digital Collage

"Longing" is this weeks theme for Collage Obsession.

She longed for her partners return, waited so long, she passed into another realm...and waited some more.

Normally I like precise straight lines, clean curves, nothing out of place..."perfection" if you will.
For this challenge I tried to step outside of my usual "box" and just go where my mind took me.
Not a very happy piece, but then again, the fiance is watching a horror film that I'm trying not to look at, but I hear the death and destruction, so my mind went to ghosts.
Still digital collage, but slightly different style.
Hope you like. :-)

Modified Sources:
Woman was provided for the challenge
Background is from Itkupilli (off Etsy)
Ivy is from Scrapbook Graphics
Heart, flower, grass are from Scrapbook Orchard
House is from a postcard I purchased off Ebay


  1. You did an awesome job of stepping out of your box! How painful to wait so long... Beautiful image!

  2. Beautiful art piece!!!
    And I love your cats, brilliant!

  3. Terrific take on the image, Leila...excellent!

  4. Fantastic combination of soft and horror elements!

  5. This is so fascinating to me - soft and yet dark, horrifying yet beautiful. It asks many questions and answers none. Well, almost none but the clue is in what was on the TV in the background! Great work, Leila. I love it!

  6. Great piece Leila, I love her haunting eyes! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Very cool, love the story behind this.

  8. Such a sad ghost - haunting piece, Leila - cheers!

  9. This is haunting indeed, her eyes look spooky. Very creative collage.
    Thank you for participating. :)

  10. I can see the influence of the horror movie in this. Fabulous!


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