Monday, February 1, 2010

Pair - Digital Collage

This weeks challenge at Collage Obsession is "Pair."

I chose to do a play on words.....Pear. ;-)

Modified Sources:
Pair image and background provided by Collage Obsession
Pears are off Wikimedia
Bird cage and frame are from Scrapbook Graphics


  1. Oh, you can always surprise, this is great! I love his green vest. This is fun and yet so beautiful and mysterious.

    Thank you for participating. :))

  2. Oh wow it´s amazing.
    Brilliant work. Love them.

  3. Fantastic! So surrealistic - like Magritte!!!

  4. Now that's a literal translation! Nice work!

  5. lol pear heads, yes now they make a great pair. love it!


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