Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Man - Digital Collage

Created for this weeks theme at The Three Muses... "Man"

Initially, I had planned on a completely different image.
But being that my grandma passed today, it sent me in another direction.

She loved teaching and she loved art.

The fondest memory I have of her was her taking us to the coast as kids,
with pencils, sketchpad, and the world to see,
she set us free to draw whatever we laid eyes on.

I drew a lighthouse, with birds, and a seal in the sea...
...and I remember her being quite impressed considering how young I was.

She and my mom were the ones that put us on the artistic path
and constantly encouraged us with anything and everything artistic.

Whether it was pencil and paper, paint, beaded trees, painting figurines...
...and whether we had money for supplies...
...whatever it was, whatever we wanted to do...
...they found a way to keep us and our creativity going.

Grandma loved drawing flowers, so I made this piece for her, in honor of her memory.

RIP Grandma McHugh.
Thank you for the times we had.

Modified Elements:
Man is from a postcard CD I bought off Ebay
Flowers are from Gekkokamen (off Etsy)
Leaves are from Scrapbook Graphics
Text background is from Lisa's Altered Art (off Etsy)


  1. I am sorry about your grandma, Leila. It is good that you were able to celebrate her life in this art, and we are honored that you chose to post it to our challenge. From what you have told us, I am sure the colors of your grandma's life were bright and beautiful. No one is truly gone so long as we hold them in our memory.

  2. Thank you Indybev. Mom fought tooth and nail to keep her out of a nursing home, so grandma got her wish to die peacefully in the comforts of her home. She passed in my sisters arms, drifted off to sleep and never woke up. I hope she has finally reunited with grandpa who we lost when I was in 4th grade.

  3. Oh Leila I´. so sorry about your grandma. I´m in my thought by you.

    Your creatin is a great honor for your grandma. Wonderful.

  4. so sorry about your grandma.
    love your artpiece!!

  5. Leila, I am so sorry to hear that your Grandma has passed away. I love her photo which says a lot about her. She has a soft, beautiful face and a sparkle in her eyes.
    What a lovely tribute you have created with the artist painting those wonderful flowers. A loving and beautiful piece of art.

  6. Sincere sympathy to you in your hours of sorrow, Leila...losing loved ones is very difficult. God Bless you. Hugs, Gayle.

  7. I'm sorry, to hear your grandma has passed away. Your art is a wonderful tribute to her.

  8. Leila, I'm so sorry for your loss. You've described your Grandma as a wonderful artist, and a beautiful person who opened up the world of art to you and let your creativity out--she left you a wonderful gift!

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your Grandma & how very lucky you were to have her in your life encourage your obvious won derfully creative spirit. So sorry for your loss sweetie & thanks so much for sharing your art & your story with us!
    Big Hugs,

  10. Wonderful and unique collage

  11. Oh...so sorry about your lovely grandma.

    Love your wonderful digital collage, Leila.


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