Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steampunk - Digital Collage more!

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This weeks theme at Sunday Postcard Art is "Steampunk"

This was quite the fun theme to create, I've been wanting to attempt
Steampunk for awhile now, but never really got the chance.

So here's my creation, hope you enjoy!

Modified Sources:
Background is from JoesSistah (off Flickr)
Steampunk Elements from Scrapbook Graphics & TomorrowsUnknown (off Etsy)
Text is from Scrapbook Graphics
Fish are from SanDesign (off Etsy)

In other news...guess what I got in the mail yesterday???
An original collage by Marsha Jorgensen over at TumbleFish Studio.
I've been following her for a few months now, and truly admire her work, so I came across
a few extra bucks and was able to purchase an original.

This is the one I got:

I'm so happy with my purchase. I love love love it and can't wait to hang it on a wall.
Looking at her image in person was just so much better, such vibrant colors!

It also really inspired me and I spent the weekend "attempting" collage.
Like...non digital collage. With glue and everything!!!
I'm so proud of myself.
I really hate mess. I hate being dirty.
I absolutely can't stand when I have gunk on my hands!
...and that has held me back as far as art is concerned...and why I've stuck with digital.

So for me to pull out paper, scissors, and's HUGE for me, LOL.
I am working on an Alice in Wonderland type of piece (minus a real Alice...)
I did 2 already, but I messed them up.
The first one I wasn't paying attention to my digital layout and glued images in the wrong areas,
So I started over and glued it all down correctly...but then my paper started to warp...
So silly me thinking the glue was all dry, I dumped a bunch of books on top to get it to flatten out.

Any sane person would do this right??? (you really don't have to answer that ;-) )

Yeah...wrong move.
Checked on it in the morning and, uh, yeah...
Glued to the back of the book and some of the color rubbed off.
So....that went into the trash and I started over.

Third times the charm!
I was trying on wedding dresses for the majority of the day so I didn't get to finish,
but I'll at least show you the one I screwed up on so you guys can see. perfectionist little butt that hates getting dirty shall share my error...
...but it was a good learning lesson!!
I now have figured out the proper steps to achieve the results I desire.
For the most part.
I may need to write it all down so I remember for next time, LOL.
As hard as digital collage is, it's SO much easier in other ways.
I can erase!
I can delete layers I don't like without having to worry about if glue has set...

So anyway...

I will hopefully be able to share the finished "corrected" copy soon.
I want to do my Steampunk image as a non digital collage too since I'm totally in love with it!
We'll see though. That may be a huge challenge I'm taking on.

Oh well.
Here's the very first one I you can see, it's a little off and not quite right, but I did learn my lesson. ;-)

...and here's the digital layout so you can see the difference...
In the end it was too "busy" so I took out a couple elements for the actual collage.

Modified Sources:
Boy from personal family photo
Background and shoes from Scrapbook Graphics
Hat, watch, key, rabbit, and cat from Cloud 9 Kreations - off Etsy
Head and wings from Lisa's Altered Art - off Etsy
Table, Chair, Clock are from Scrap Orchards
Old newspaper purchased off Ebay
Teacup from Itkupilli
Background border is from a Flickr member


  1. Oh Leila your steampunk is brilliant.
    Fantastic idea and design. Love them.

  2. WOW this is just so stunning! Amazing interpretation of the theme.
    Thank you for your participation!

  3. I love the fish, great piece of work
    thanks for sharing

  4. Yes, that's different. I love it!

  5. Love your work!! That's the coolest steampunkfish ever!!


  6. Hi Leila. you visited my blog and I thought I'd pop along to yours. I have to say, thanks so much, I love your work, and I'm so in agreement about the benefits of digital art - I LOVE being able to undo things, but sometimes you do just want to be able to touch whatever you've created, so the glue and the nerves must come out ;)

  7. Leila thanks for nice comment on my steampunk, love your very cool steampunk fish.

  8. Love your Steampunk postcard!!! Great colors and texture.

  9. Love your Steampunk postcard!!! Great texture and colors.


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