Sunday, October 10, 2010

Evil Clowns - Digital Collage

This weeks topic at Sunday Postcard Art is "Evil Clowns."

My co-worker is terrified of clowns, so I can't even show her this image, LOL.

Hope mine is scary enough...!

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Modified Sources:
Background, eye, balloon and girl are from Itkullipi
Balloon is from Digital Collage Sheets to Go
Chain is from Maya @ ScrapbookGraphics


  1. Leila, I love the contrast of the colourful balloon and clown with the black and greeny white of your scene and it's funny as well. A great postcard!

  2. What an amazing piece of digital art, so beautiful and scary!

  3. Fabulous postcard, Leila. Excellent Itkupelli images and that clown balloon is awesome!! Excellent.

  4. Oh he's scary enough Leila...and he's beautiful to...great work.

  5. Great card...looks like the girl wants to scare everyone with her creepy balloon, so her way on the fair is clear to go..

  6. This is perfect! I love the little girl and her balloon...what a great idea.

  7. One of my friends had to "peep" at my postcard too! I love the contrasts here - and the clown balloon is awesome!

  8. One very scary clown, Leila, I like your ballon idea - great card!

  9. A clown with fangs. Definitely scary!

  10. I'm with your coworker! Clowns are down right spooky! Your's is definately scary enough!


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