Friday, November 5, 2010

WIP - Sketch & Journal Page

Well here’s a work in progress.

I’ve been working on week 1 of Arts, Heart, and Healing with Tam on her Willowing Network.  This is her free course and  I haven’t quite moved on to week 2 lessons since my goal was to figure out how to make a human actually look like a human. 

My 1st attempt wasn’t the best…but I also had to create it based on what I remembered from her videos since at the time I wasn’t able to follow along with her videos. 

My second attempt I drew while watching her draw to see how to create the features that make a face look real.
I’m much happier with the results and her instructions are SO easy to follow. 
Instead of drawing directly in my art journal, I drew my face on a canvas sheet and cut her out.  Part of why I did this was because I had also messed up a couple background pages.  I got really into making backgrounds and did 2 at a time. 

Big mistake. 

My pages got so saturated that they ended up tearing...and tearing so much I had to actually take them out, which left a yucky mess.  So drawing on a canvas sheet, cutting out, and gluing over the missed pages really worked out.  The mess is covered and I was able to work really easily on my canvas sheet.  My pencil marks erased very easily (I also got a different pencil that was easier to work with, similar to what she uses, and boy that made all the difference!)

Anyway, I'm very pleased with how it's progressing...
Take a looksy!


  1. Hi Leila! I am taking her class too! Don't you just love Tam?! She is so lovely and her teaching style makes it fun! I love your new sketch! I know what you mean about using something else besides your journal. I actually did mine on canvas board because the pages in my journal were warping too much and it was frustrating me! I am loving the mixed media techniques I am learning from her. It is the first time I have stamped or used a brayer. So fun!

    I am excited to see her when she is done! :)

  2. Hi Cathy
    Agreed, Tam is totally awesome and I'm glad I had a chance to do the free course. It gives me a chance to check out her teaching style & now I am considering her other courses & DVDs! I'm super pleased to FINALLY be able to draw faces correctly. :-)

    I'm excited about her upcoming course in January. I'm hoping I will have time to take it and participate.

  3. Wow they are all fab
    I need this course - my limit is matchstick men!

  4. Leila,

    I am glad I had the chance to do the free one too because as you I am interested in her other ones! I am thinking about the Fabulous Faces DVD's.....

  5. Hi Debs - the course is ongoing, you can start anytime. :-) just click the link and sign in to her network. From there go to groups and you will see the course & info.

    Hi Cathy - I have the Fabulous Faces DVD, I like it. I want the Whimsical one next!


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