Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something Old with a New Twist...

I was busy last weekend.  Created a few more pendants and uploaded to my shop :-)

I was playing with the wire and combined copper and silver in the actual tree this time just to see how it looked.  I was pleasantly surprised....nothing like being unique, right?  I actually really like how they turned out.  
I also finally found some tiny flowers and played with those.  Managed to figure out a way to twist them into the root and like how they look.  Below are the newest creations and you can see the previous ones over here.

I also got a message from Facebook (dontcha just love technology???) letting me know it's my sales reps birthday on Wed...so what'd I do?  Well I made her this:

I texted her to find out her favorite color...she told me green...  I added the yellow flower for her sunny personality.  Cheesy of me, I know, but she's like a ray of sunshine every day.  Such a sweet person and I love working with her (even if I dislike the actual work, lol.)

Anyway, hope she likes it...thanks for looking!

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  1. These are just so fun...I love the unique twist (literal and figurative, I guess) each one has. Beautiful!


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