Thursday, February 17, 2011

One World One Heart **WINNER**

WOW, I can't believe this event is actually over.  I had such a great time meeting new people and adding soooooo many more to my blogroll so I can follow their art.  I had a great time and I hope you did too!

A HUGE Thank you to Lisa over at A Whimsical Bohemian for coordinating all this.  I can't even imagine what a huge task it was and I'm so sad to see that this is the last year (albeit my 1st year of participating.)

BUT, guess what?  I read on some other blogs that something similar will be happening next year.  Did you guys know about that?  Head on over here to read up on "Our World Our Art" tour that will be happening in 2012.  I've already signed up for the newsletters so that I can participate, I hope to see you there next year.

I had so many commenters...340 to be exact.  I've never in my blogging life had so many comments on one post, but each one made me smile as my phone dinged and I checked my messages at work.  So a super huge thank you for everyone that commented, I really enjoyed reading your comments.  :-)

Before I announce the winner, I just wanted to quickly answer a few questions that people asked me.  

So here they are:

AZviaTx asked me what I think of Anne Rice's new books.  My answer to that is I don't read them.  I LOVED all her vampire books and pretty much read all of them.  Once she ventured in to new territory with her literary works, I got bored and moved on.  :-)

"MOI" Freubel  asked if I'd visit Holland while traveling Europe.  Indeed I did.  When I graduated college my cousin and I took off to travel a bit since it was one of those now or never moments.  We went through Bunac, which I highly recommend for anyone fresh out of college that wants to travel.  They got us set up so we could do work exchange, gave us the info we needed, helped us get our visa and basically guided us through the process.  Through their program we were able to work to travel, we paid very low taxes since we were students and basically we found temp office jobs that understood our needs and gave us room to come in to work, get paid enough so we could travel here and there.  I worked for some amazing people doing office work at social services, but it was a bit of "culture" shock, if you will, because they weren't used to someone that could multi-task as fast as I could.  Their first project was to reorganize a wall of files, something they thought would take me a week or 2 ended up taking me a couple, they let me read and answer phones until they had more work for me, haha.  Anyway, we rented a room in a flat on a monthly basis and on the weekends or requested days off we checked out Paris, London, parts of England, Spain, Italy (we flew to Italy for under $30!!!  Can you believe that!), her boyfriend flew over and they went to Germany, and yes, we even visited Holland and blushed at the red light district and sex museums.  ;-)  It was truly an amazing experience and one I would do again in a heartbeat.  ...but taking off and traveling wasn't something new for us.  In our early 20's, we threw a dart at a map and decided to do a road trip, LOL!!  Man that was fun...driving to Colorado, her truck breaking down, getting it fixed, driving through country, and then down the coast back home to CA....that was our first experience of just taking off and being free...and in all that we got to see some amazing U.S. sites...and even fit in some White Water Rapids (the kind where they make you wear helmets...and good thing we did since we got slammed into a mountain side).  I love to just up and travel...a tad harder now that I have a 2 year old, but I still hope to be able to continue to see the world as money permits.  I actually just emailed the hubby the other day about saving up so we can go on our honeymoon as we have yet to take it.  We were considering a cruise...but really, I'm DYING to check out New Zealand...and since he hasn't traveled much, he's pretty open to wherever I want to hopefully New Zealand it is!!
I can't wait!!!!

I'm still trying to convince him to go skydiving...but he won't take my bait.  Not like it's that scary...I did do it 10 years ago as a challenge from an Ex (who lost that bet!!!), but I'd love to go again.

Moving on...

jane p asked if my pendant contains an owl in the tree....yep, sure does!

artangel asked if I'd visited Manchester, England!  I'm sorry to say that no, I don't recall visiting Manchester, but who knows, we were on so many trains that I may have ridden past you!  hehe
Can I just say, I LOVE Europes transportation system? Wow...what a difference.  The buses arrived every 8 min.....ours are every hour, if that!  ...and the much easier than all the traffic we get stuck in where I grew up.  We have Bart as transportation (which is a train) but it's only in certain parts of the Bay Area and not available in Solano County where I live.  Big Boo!  Oh well.  Maybe one day.

Ok...I think I answered all the questions, so without further ado....

The winner of this pendant is:

Congratulations Lezlei!!  I hope you enjoy wearing your new pretty pendant.  I will be emailing you for your address. 
Thank you so much everyone for visiting and taking the time to comment.  
I hope to see you again soon.  :-)



  1. Hey Leila
    I LOVED reading your post !!!
    And you went also to the red light district in Amsterdam ?? LOL
    I think If you would see it again you would not recognize it. Sinds 2007 most of the hundreds "tiny one-room cabins" are disappeared and instead are now small fashion shops located for beginning fashion designers.
    Also many coffeshops are closed now because of the criminality

    Amsterdam is supposed to be such a wonderful, cheery place that shows just what a free city it is. But I think it's a cesspit. There's a lot of serious criminality. There's a lot of exploitation of women, and a lot of social distress. That's nothing to be proud of.

    But ALL the rest of Holland is....GREAT LOL

  2. So glad you liked it :-)
    We did go to the red light district...we'd always heard about it and since we were there our hosts took us on a tour, LOL. It was quite an eye opening experience. I probably wouldn't recognize it if it's changed that much...when we were there it was right before 9/11, so we visited in 2001. We stayed with the family in Wolvega (sp?) and they took us around the country. A very beautiful country it is! The most fun I had was when we went out for a night on the town, hit up a few dance clubs, and then were "driven" around on the backs of bicycles. We have so many funny pictures from those nights, I really enjoyed myself there and would love to visit again one day.

  3. *growl*
    I wanted to win it.



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