Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steampunk Inspired - Digital Collage

This weeks theme at Sunday Postcard Art is "Steampunk Inspired."

I hope this is steampunk enough for ya (click to view larger).  ;-)

My mind had a little fun with this one and I turned the hotair balloon into a big fish tank, cuz really, who wouldn't like to float in the air with a bunch of fish to gaze at, right?

Ahhh well....I must be daydreaming about the honeymoon we have yet to take.  I could really use a vacation and really wouldn't mind gently gliding in the air across the world.

Modified Sources:
Background is from Finecrafted Designs off DeviantScrap
Balloon with man and sign are from Maya
Cannon balls are from Clementine off DeviantScrap
Watch part is from SJD off DeviantScrap
Fish are from Hollywood Studios off DeviantScrap
Porthole, screws and background gears are unknown


  1. Leila, this is just fab. Well done! Laura

  2. Dark, mysterious and wonderful steampunk!!

  3. Gorgeous ...fabulous work..and super-enchanting!
    Shine on!

  4. Leila ~ I think this is the first "beautiful" steampunk picture I have ever seen...but it is steampunk and it is great job!!!

  5. Hope your honeymoon takes you to 'enchanting castles with mystical moons!' as beautiful a place as your card today, Leila!

  6. Excellent postcard! Beautifully created.

  7. Your card is truly wonderful I can see the daydream in it too. My you have an inspirational honeymoon.

  8. Mysterious and very beatiful!

  9. That's a wonderful digital collage.

  10. Fantastic piece of steampunk Leila!!

  11. Love your digital SteamPunk! Diann

  12. Love it, Thanks for following also!!!
    Have a fantastic day!!!
    hugs, Melissa

  13. Wonderful piece of digital art.

    Please see mine at my art blog. :-)


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