Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fly Free - Journal Page

Journal I made for myself.
I really wanted a landscape journal that is 8 x 10 with watercolor paper.  So I  made my own!
Journal page I had on my mind, deciding where I wanted placements.
Adding color using Neocolor Watersoluble Crayons.  (I love these!!!)
More color and stamping text...
Adding embellishments.
Working on the face color...
More....color...more stamping...more text...
All done!

I started working on this journal page out of frustration with my job. Some days I just wish I could fly fly away from the stress and frustration that it is. (I blogged about it briefly here.) Since I can't do that at the moment, I zoned out when I got home and created this journal page.

I'm actually quite relieved that I finally have a journal I'm happy to work in. My moleskin was just too small for me and I found that after a few pages I just stopped bothering and went to digital. ...but I don't always want to do digital, I want to touch, feel, get messy and just create. So now that I have a bigger journal in the size I want that will lay FLAT and not flip close, well, I'm happy with that, so now I can do more. Hope you like this journal page. I should have more to upload soon enough!


  1. I love your journal page, the colors are wonderful! What a great way to relieve stress, I'd better get busy in my studio right now!!! :)

  2. Thank you, I was pretty happy with it. :-)
    I haven't done many journal pages, but I plan to now that I have a journal the size of my liking.

  3. I love the texture you achieved. Do you prefer to lay color on with the crayons and then wet it, or the other way around?

  4. Hi June - I LOVE to just scribble scribble scribble the colors and then use the wet brush to wet it and move colors around. I also used my sons diaper wipes to lift off some color/water, lol. :-)


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