Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mother to Be

Remember those mixed media girls and backgrounds I was working on?

Well, I finally had time to finish one.  :-)

How do you like her?

She's me...when my hair goes crazy, haha.

I've had babies on the brain lately, especially each weekend as I wake up and realize Xavier is in my bed again (I cannot get this little boy to stay sleeping in his bed...but truthfully, I really don't mind cuddling up next to him).  Every chance I get I watch him sleep and realize he's growing up way too fast.  He'll be 3 in October!  Where has the time flown by....  So thoughts of another one have been creeping in to my head, not sure when the next one will happen, but for now I've created my memory of being pregnant with my little man.

Created using Tam's Paint over Collage method.  
This is an original 5x7 on canvas using acrylics, markers, paper, and stamps.


  1. Leila this is so great!! I love the browns and reds against the orange! Lovely! I can see how much you are enjoying the paint over technique. I have tried it but not on a face yet! How do you paint such a tiny face. . . you have such detail there! Its really good! I don't think I have the patience for a face so small! :)

  2. Thank you Cathy! I really love the paint over collage technique. The tiny face was hard and it was difficult using paints for the face, so I've been using either paint or watercolor pencil for the skin. For the eyes, nose, mouth I've been using gel pens. Makes it a little easier to do the details. :-)

  3. This is really good. Great job. I have never heard of digital paint over but it sure looks good :)

  4. Beautiful, I love her hair. Kim

  5. Thank you ladies.

    Pchickki - This is not digital. It's mixed media collage on canvas. :-)

  6. My son is 7 - can't believe that! Spent the afternoon with some 15 month old twins - boy what a handful!!

  7. Leila this is wonderful and such a great keepsake. Have a great weekend, Annette x

  8. This is a great canvas! Kids always grow up soooooooooo quickly, my *baby* is 45!

  9. Thanks everyone! Glad you guys like :-)


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