Sunday, July 3, 2011

WIP - Collaged Mixed Media Girls

I've been a busy bee this weekend.  Worked on 6 backgrounds, 5 x 7 in size, flat canvas board.  Previously I was working on watercolor paper, but the warping bugs me, so I moved to canvas board to see how they'd turn out.

Same technique I've been learning on Tam's Collage, Paint, & Soul course over at her Willowing network.  I've been modifying how I work for what works for me, but I still use her basic concept to achieve the results I like.

I really love how the backgrounds turned out, you can't see the details, but I used crackle paint on all 6 in various corners.  Looks pretty cool in person.

The last image are the girls I'm working on....just wanted to share the in progress work I've been doing since I haven't posted in a little while.  I was wanting to get all 6 done, completed, and in my shop this weekend, but alas, it's been a crazy weekend with trying to potty train the little one, fit in errands, and battling holiday traffic.

On the plus side, hubby, little man, and I got to see a drive-in movie.  Never done that before, so that was a pretty cool experience - the only down side is the screen looked a tad blurry...that or my vision really sucks (which technically it does since I wear glasses to see distance, boo!).  X being 2 1/2 didn't really grasp the concept of sitting still and watching a movie (he usually tears up the house while we watch a show, his toys and books will be all over the room, but it seems to be his happy chaos...that he has to clean before bed, lol), but that's ok since it didn't start until 9:30p so 30 min into it he was knocked out.  He sure did love the popcorn tho!  haha!!

Anywho....a warm welcome to all the new followers and a big HOWDY to those already following.  I hope wherever you are you are managing to stay cool and enjoying the holiday!



  1. Hi Leila!

    Wow!! I am loving these backgrounds!! Especially the one with blue and magenta. I can't wait to see them done!

    I hear ya on the watercolor paper. Thanks for your suggestion of paper. I wasn't able to find the one you mentioned so I am back to flat canvas panels cause I hate the warping! I wish I could figure that out because I do enjoy the process of collaging and painting on a paper surface.

    These are great! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your sweet comment this morning on my post! xoxo

  2. Hi Cathy

    You're welcome :-)

    Thank you, I'm really loving the backgrounds too, several of them are my favs, I can't just pick one, hehe. The watercolor paper I started using is a block and I found it at Aaron Bros. They actually have been having that penny sale and the block was included, buy 1 get 1 for a penny...pretty sweet deal! They're nice to use and prevent curling, but if they get too wet they do warp a little, but not as pad as the regular paper pads. I really like having the canvas tho, no warping or curling at all! I'm working a little small and Tam was right, it is a little harder, but figured I'd give it a shot.

    Hope you're having an art filled weekend!

  3. I love those backgrounds! It's really neat to see the WIP photos :)


  4. Thank you Kaili! I will post them again once I've completed them.

  5. Ooooh Leila! Your backgrounds are just FANTASTIC!
    I can't wait to see what you do with them :)

    Your girls are looking pretty cool too ♥

    Glad you enjoyed the movie. What an experience! We've nothing like that over here. Good luck with the potty training.Xxx

  6. Thank you Gez! I didn't know about the drive in until recently, never had known it existed... :-)

  7. Love the backgrounds Leila - thanks for proudly posting your new artsee bloggers button!

  8. Thank you Geri! ...and you're welcome :-)


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