Monday, August 22, 2011

New pendant - Peas in a Pod

I've seen a number of "Peas in a Pod" necklaces being sold on Etsy, but the ones I've seen have seemed so tiny to me and I tend to like pendants that are noticeable from a distance, so when I came across these frames and cute little peas I thought up a fun way to "display" them.

I really love Swarovski beads, I just love how they can "pop" and sparkle, so I instantly reached for these kind of beads as I got my materials together.

I hit up the DVR que and started wire wrapping and voila!
Very cute, sparkly "Peas in a pod."
I'm so bummed I grabbed 2 pods...I'm thinking I may have to take another quick road trip to grab some more so I can do other colors. :-)

Hope you like...and they'll be in the little 'ol shop pretty soon!

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