Sunday, November 20, 2011

Digital Collage - Umbrella

*click to view larger*

This week's theme over at Take a Word is "Umbrella."

...and, well, Sasha decided not to put the umbrella away as she tried to relax in nature...

Modified Sources:
Background, birds & rocks are from my Etsy shop - ARTSYCREATIONS 
...(some elements coming soon!)
Woman is from Itkullipi on Etsy
Umbrella and wood pecker are from Clementine at


  1. That's one way of taking a bath!! Fabulous and brilliantly coloured umbrella-flavoured picture! I love it.
    Leila, I scrolled through your blog and so enjoyed your vacation pictures. Your little boy is gorgeous! (I have grandchildren of a similar age and I know their favourite day out is at a small animal farm and vintage theme parks). Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  2. Gorgeous, Leila...beautifully created.

  3. Love your take on umbrellas, Leila! Certainly a very different 'bath!'
    I'm very inspired with the 'playing with watercolours' video, your art works are superb, well done!!

  4. This is both fun and beautiful!

  5. Very unique and beautiful, Leila!

  6. Ooooh Leila, how your girl is true, protecting herself from guanos during a sunny day! Hahaha!
    Well done!

  7. LOL, Leila! She needs that umbrella all right. Very lush.

  8. Wonderful Leila your nature umbrella. It is fabulous.
    Lovely greet

  9. A very sensible Sasha to have two umbrellas. I'm glad I enlarged it really made me smile.

  10. Thanks ladies! Not sure why this crossed my mind, but I laughed as I created the piece.

    @Ozstuff, thank you! Did you check out the pumpkin patch photos as well? He had a blast there :-)

    @Judy, the playing with watercolor videos were immensely inspiring, I keep playing with watercolors, lol.

  11. A very clever scenery Leila ! Great Job !!
    I've took a visit at your etsy as well and was amazed by your wonderful backgrounds !!!

  12. I've never sat in an umbrella before, but it looks like it has possibilities! Fun art.


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