Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Journal Page

This journal page was created for an Art Geeks Challenge, the topic being Scavenger Hunt where she listed a number of items to include.  We had 2 weeks to complete and I barely got it done in time, lol.  Living with a toddler is quite challenging while also working full time and then trying to squeeze art in where I can...but I did it!

Hope you like it.

Art Geeks is a closed journaling group, but you can click here I believe to sign up.
The text is from Josh Ritter's Open Doors song.  Click the link and on the left side you can click to listen.  :-)


  1. Great job with the prompt Leila. I love your feathers that you have chosen and that kitty and butterfly! I like how you made 'windows' and how well that fits with your lyrics.

    PS: You actually had a month. You get two prompts per month and you only have to do one of them. Thanks for playing along :)

    1. Oh! I thought we had 2 weeks, good to know I had a month :-)
      I'm just glad I was able to finish it, got tired of it staring at me begging to be completed, hehe. Did you find the birds?? There are two, ha!

  2. Oh yes, I saw both birds. Yes, I am thrilled you listened to your page and finished it lol!


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