Saturday, July 7, 2012

Journal Page Backgrounds

Just wanted to share really quick...

I've been playing with some Dylusion inks that I have, so I grabbed some water color paper and started spraying.

I love being able to do the "ghosting" effect....looks really cool.

These are the pages I worked on, nowhere near to complete, but at least I got some backgrounds started to play with!

I took 2 18 x 30 sheets of water color paper and started spraying, did the ghosting, and then cut them down to the size I wanted.

The I decided to take more blank sheets of water color paper, cut them to size first, and then sprayed and did the ghosting effect.  I got more variety.  :-)  Check these out!  So many to play with now.  Can't wait to have some time to play with these.  I made 24 by last count...and I think I only used 5 sheets of my 18 x 30 water color pages.  

I learned about the ghosting effects from these videos....they're pretty awesome, so watch when you have time.  :-)

Hope you're having a creatively awesome weekend!
xoxo ~Leila


  1. Loved your tutorial on layering. I am new to the world of Art Journaling and mixed mediums. I got so much from this tutorial. It helped me to understand on building a page in an art journal without having to be "artistic", it's more about creativity. I am looking forward to trying these products and the techniques. Thanks for shatring.

    1. BTW. Check out the links on the right hand side. You may like the journaling Ning sites which is a group of journalers who share art and participate in classes, etc. :-)

  2. You are quite welcome! I really enjoyed the videos and learning how to layer and use the inks. Glad you did too. Happy creating!

  3. I have way more I need to learn than I can share.. :) I am creative, but not artistic. I recently discovered Art Journaling and fell instantly in love. So I have spent the last few weeks scouring the internet and blogs, tutorials, Pinterest,youtube to learn all I can. I Have a sketch pad that I have been writing tips, tricks, styles of doodles, and it in itself is turning into an Art Journal. I Love the layers, the crazy mixed mediums, the whimsical faces, I just have no skill in this form of Art. Now put me in a kitchen, that's were my art comes alive. LOL Lastly I have to say, not all tutorials I have seen have been engaging, interesting or at all effective in alowing me to grasp the concept. You're tutorial was completely opposite, I was engaged, inspired, and left understanding your concept of your lesson. You are actually very pleasant to watch. I look forward to seeing more. I will check out the other blogs as well. Blessings!!!!

    1. Hi again

      That actually isn't me in the videos. That's the lady that developed the dylusion ink line and it's her video I shared for others.

      I enjoyed the process she had and thought others would like it. I came across it from someone else's blog and then subscribed to the YouTube channel.

      I do recommend joining the art community tho. You don't have to share anything, but you will meet others in the same journaling experience. Check out the group rooms, you may also find a class you'd like to take that offers tips and tricks to help you grow in your journal.

      Have fun and take care. :-)


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