Saturday, September 15, 2012

Etching Progress...

I wanted to show an update from my etching progress. These are still from the 1st batch I was working on.

I finally got a hole punch that would give me the hole sizes I needed so I could set the eyelets, and let me tell you, there was a learning curve. I did practice on cheap metal 1st and then moved on to my pieces, but alas, I figured out that I need to set my eyelets BEFORE I put any resin on. So 2 of my pieces didn't make it because the resin cracked, etc, but thankfully they were my 2 least favorite.

So these are the ones that did make it and I'm getting close to being done. I think they turned out pretty good, I'm quite pleased with myself and how fast I learned etching and then creating fun little pieces.

Not sure if these will make it into my shop. I may create an oopsie section and offer at a discount with others that aren't up to my standard, but we'll see.

Hope you're having a creative day!

Xoxo ~Leila


  1. Your etching project turned out wonderful! There are so many wonderful details! Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

    1. Thank you Sharon and thank you for stopping by!


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