Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Visual to My Batch Process

Wanted to share this. I've mentioned here and in blog posts that I work in batches. This is an example of a batch I started tonight. These will be 42 necklaces once completed. I sorted out the parts i want to use, laid them out, and prepped them with base coats. I'll leave to dry and when I'm ready I will start to hand paint and then seal.

Once completed and dried I can assemble really quick (or leave parts for later projects) and then I'll have 42 pendants I can list or take to craft shows. Just wanted to provide a visual to my previous comments. This is especially helpful for me to do, especially if working with solder or chemicals since my husband has rotating shift. I'll do similar batches so he can watch the boys (if working with solder or etching) while I work and then when he's away I can work on simple less toxic phases around my boys.

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