Thursday, July 30, 2009

Word of the Day...Decoupage...

Decoupage With Oh-Audrey - Watch more funny videos here

So, I learned this word today. Decoupage. I actually was browsing Etsy and just kinda getting a feel for what people sell on there when I came across a seller who decoupages his photography. I did a little research and finally figured out what the heck it was.

So...with that said, I think I'm finally leaning towards an art style where I can create stuff I actually like. ;-)
I'm really in to digital, have been for a long time, but I've never ever liked anything I've created. This past week has been a blast for me trying out digital collaging and I'm also leaning towards actual collaging...with paper and glue! So, hopefully I can get messy here pretty soon and finally have stuff I can actually sell... On Etsy of course! new favorite shopping site! ;-) that it's almost midnight...nighty nite!
(click on older posts to see some digital collages)

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