Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tangled in a Web - Digital Collage

"Tangled in a Web"
This image was created for Art on the Dark Side as well as Illustration Friday.

Art on the Darkside's subject matter is "Web". Self explanatory ;-)
Illustration Friday's subject matter is "Modify". I modified several images to create this piece.

I really like this piece (looks great larger) but it was maddening to create. For whatever reason my Photoshop keeps crashing, and unfortunately I forgot to save and lost work a couple times. Lesson learned. Now I need to troubleshoot and figure out why it keeps shutting down on me. Would help if I could figure out why my Wacom tablet is flipping out on me too.... So all digital collages that I've created so far have been using my mouse only, which is pretty tricky to do... But I did it and I'm VERY happy with all my pieces thus far! Enjoy!


  1. I DO enjoy-thanks! Interesting little trapped figure on the left...looks like a turn-of-the-last century lifeguard who got entranced by a wee pretty flutter-by...then..didn't realize quite what he was getting led into/set up for...yup, that's dark!

  2. Oh wonderfully deliciously dark web entry. Thanks so much for joining in, i love it. Ok off to go add you to the sidebar
    hugs June x


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