Friday, September 18, 2009

Careful What You Wish For - Digital Collage

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Careful What You Wish For...

Created for this weeks Art on the Dark Side challenge.

This challenge was a bit difficult for me at first.
It took me forever to think of an art concept because at first my line of thinking was...
"how am I supposed to know what others wish for?"

I was stumped.

So I changed my line of thinking and started to wonder...
...what's the one thing *I* ALWAYS wish for? Hmmm....well that's simple.

I wish I had a million dollars.

Now, some say $dollars$.......and others wish for a million bucks.

Well, be careful what you wish for.
A retarded genie might actually give you a million BUCKS. HA! ...and voila, challenge completed.
*I'm giddy with glee!*

Modified Sources:
Various deer are from Wikimedia
Clown is from *iTkUpiLLi* (off Etsy)
Background is from (off Etsy)
Butterfly is from Collage Anonymous (off Etsy)
Frame is from Digital Scrapbook Place
Frogs are from an Etsy seller (no name on sheet...)
Text background was re-worked so I could add my own words -
background for text is from Lisa's Altered Art (off Etsy)


  1. That is so cool. Love it.

  2. brillant, I espeacially love the frogs.


  3. Hahaha what a extremely cool take on the theme :D Love your beautiful collage !


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