Monday, September 21, 2009

Window of Good vs Evil - Digital Collage

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Window of Good vs Evil

Created for The Three Muses weekly challenge.

When I started this piece, I actually had something else in mind, something light, positive, cheerful.

Then I got a lovely knock on the door with some not so great news.
...and lets just say my mood plummeted in the middle of this piece and took a turn towards the dark side.

Art heals though and I did feel better as I completed this piece, but as you can see.
...there's my take on how I view the current economy and what happened with lenders and the housing market.

Modified Sources:
Woman, Wing, Owl, Bingo numbers, Devil, skeletons from *iTkUpiLLi* (off Etsy)
Window is from an Etsy Seller (don’t remember who)
Cloud and buildings are from Digital Scrapbook Place
Text by Gekkokamen on Etsy
Fire is from Wikimedia
Girls are from Lisa’s Altered Art (off Etsy)
Background was a sky background from a deviant artist that I tweaked until unrecognizable.


  1. Leila, I love your superb, surreal take on this week's theme and I suggest to everyone who sees it to enlarge the picture to appreciate it fully. This is an amazing piece of art.

  2. Isn't it great, Leila, that we have art as an outlet for our feelings! This is a super thoughtful and well done piece. Thanks for joining in our challenge!

  3. Beautiful and ethereal work- it draws you in to a magical world!

  4. It has a dark heart but you have captured the darkness behind the window and in the end the light definitely triumphed. Marvellous!
    Ali xx

  5. Very dreamy but with hint of a nightmare creeping in, Leila! Exceptional art!

  6. Leila this is a wonderful work of art. Your talent shines through. Bravo.

  7. this is beautiful and i love how you placed your elements to make such a lovely picture.

  8. Very cool, your thought process came through. I hope your bad news turns into something for positive for you.

  9. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments!

    @Indybev - Yes, art can be a very helpful tool for healing. :-)

    @Elizabeth - The bad news won't turn positive unfortunately, still trying to finish up a mess from almost a year ago thanks to the economy/real estate collapse. It sucks and I'm tired of it. Most of my days are spent trying not to think about it. I just keep pushing forward. Thanks for your kind words!

  10. Suffering creates beautiful art. You made a great piece of work. Wish you strength!

  11. Wow, what a great idea! This is fantastic.


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