Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long Ago & Far Away... - Digital Collage

Long ago and far away...
...in a world of books...where imaginations play...

Open a book and you will see...
...Magical worlds as far as eyes can read...

Created for The Three Muses challenge of "Long Ago and Far away."
I posted 2 versions because while I like the bright and vibrant colors of the first one,
I also like the low saturated version that gives the feel of an old book.
The only issue I really have with the low saturation is
it seems to dim some of the details on my elements, kind of frustrating.

Which do you prefer?

Modified Sources:
The woman came from an old picture hanging on my mom's wall,
She let me remove to scan and alter :-)
The "growing" books are a picture I took and altered
The "book" in her hand, flowers, and the key are from Etsy sellers (no name provided)
Rabbit is from Gekkokamen (on Etsy)
The rest of the "dressed" animals are from Supplies to Go (off Etsy)
The crow is from *iTkUpiLLi* (off Etsy)
The 2 backgrounds, butterflies, string, clock, wings (on clocks)
are all from Studio Girls Scrapbook Graphics


  1. Lovely piece, both versions :)

  2. fantastic pieces!! love them both

  3. Fabulous work and so much to see! I agree that some of the little touches are not so clear on the muted one but if it makes you look harder then surely that's a good thing?

  4. Leila I am so pleased we have tempted you back into creating art, the world would be a sadder place without it. I love both of your pieces but I will go for the brighter option every time. I liked your little bit of wording too, so very true.

  5. The softer, muted version appeals to me, but I like the edges of the first one better! Both are lovely, Leila, and I'm honored our challenges have sparked your creative urges. You are very talented, and we look forward to your work each week!

  6. I like them both very much but I think I would choose the soft version because it seems more dreamlike. Your artwork is superb. Fantastic.

  7. both are beautiful but i gravitated towards the first one at first sight. love your creativity, i.e., making flowers out of open books....very clever!

  8. Beautiful digital collage Leila, I loved enlarging this piece to see all of its wonders. Both versions have a different essence- I tend towards the bolder version, but it's true the softer version makes you delve deeper into the piece. Great work!

  9. I find both pieces beautiful!
    Fantastic creation, Leila.

  10. What dreamy and beautiful pieces!!


  11. Great entry! I prefer the bright version. It's more Alice in Wonderland I think. Lovely take on the theme.


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