Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Imagination is Key - Digital Collage

Imagination is Key...

This weeks challenge from The Three Muses is "keys".

Not really sure where I was going with this. To be totally honest, I never really do know where I'm going with any of the art I create.
Generally I start a piece and it forms in my mind as I'm creating the scene.

Previous scenes have had lots of elements to create the final piece, but this one I wanted to keep simple and uncluttered...

Use the key to unlock your imagination and tell me what you see...

Modified Sources:
Frame, ivy, petals, background and butterfly wings are from Digital Scrapbook.
Key and key hole are from Gekkokamen (off Etsy).
Rose and frogs are from SanDesign (off Etsy).
Woman is from spiceitup (off Etsy).


  1. Leila, this is really beautiful! Like the woman in your piece, I love to get out a good book and see where it takes my imagination. ~Lori

  2. Wow this is stunning.
    Really fabulous design.

  3. i can truly follow you... i´m such a bookworm, too and the imagination books provide is unlimited!
    wonderful digital collage! love the idea with the keyhole in the center of the rose!

  4. To me, this could have been titled "Hope". It seems to imply a dark time with bright days ahead and the key to happiness. It's simply beautiful, and quite thought-provoking. Good work!

  5. Leila this is exquisite not only the artwork (though it is) but also your story and imagination. Loud applause from my corner.

  6. Ah yes, what magical places await us if we just unlock our imagination! Great art!

  7. Wonderful thoughtful piece Leila- the 'meaning' of art translated through the imagination is what it is all about. This work illustrates that beautifully!

  8. This is a wonderful submission!!! I love it and all the details...

  9. I'm so attracted to this piece. It has a wonderful sense of perspective and begs for a story. Isn't it amazing where our imaginations will take us?!!

  10. Absolutely superb - thought-provoking, beautifully composed, stunning. I love it.

  11. She's reading and reading is the key to a fantasy world. Thats what I see in this gorgeous piece!

  12. Very, very beautiful collage!!



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