Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun & Games - Digital Collage

This weeks topic for The Three Muses is fun and games.

First thing that came to mind is my one year old and how he seems to think absolutely EVERYTHING is fun and games.
...including ripping out the jet dry knob from our dishwasher and promptly placing in his mouth - within .02 secs, mind you!
Calling poison control...not fun and games. (He's ok!)
....but the rest of his days certainly are! He's a fast, destructive, but oh so lovable little so and so.

(pssst....he's the one with the wand...)

Most of my time is spent playing with him, with of course, brief breaks to play digitally as he sleeps and "mommy" finally gets ME time. YAY.

Created this piece for my son as well as his friends, all born in 2008!
One little boy is missing from this piece, but only because I don't have a very good pic of him.
So...I shall leave it as a temporary WIP and once I can acquire a good photo he will certainly be added!

Hope you enjoy. :-)

Modified Elements:
Waves, Lighthouse, and wood were from elements purchased from Micheals
Pictures are ones I took of friends kids
Flowers, birds and fish from Etsy sellers (no names on sheets)
Cat is from Gekkokamen (off etsy)
Dog from Collage Anonymous (off etsy)
Boat Sails and Hats are from Lisa's Altered Arts (off etsy)
Boat, stars, sun rays from Studio Girls Scrapbook Graphics


  1. What a fab piece of work!... love it!

  2. Oh Leila this is gorgeous and those waves are wonderful. Your little boy looks very cute, as do his friends, but with his sense of mischief I wouldn't leave him in that boat on his own for long.

  3. What a creative fun game!! I'm sure all the parents of his friends will love it as well!

  4. If your gorgeous little son is only one year old I think he has been here before! What a cheeky, knowing face which just says "mischief". Your collage is superb. I love the waves and the wonderful composition. What a great keepsake for you and your friends. Imagine bringing it out on their twenty-first birthdays! Fantastic work.

  5. Leila it's gorgeous! And yes, two years old are a lot of work. But also a lot of fun. Be sure to hug a lot with him because little boys when getting bigger won't be hugged a lot. Have fun.


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