Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mail Art - Digital Collage

Well, I must say as much as I've loved being able to find time for art,
I've noticed my "me" time has been slowly shrinking away as the munchkin has gotten older....and into absolutely EVERYTHING.

So one way I've tried to regain my "me" time has been to create mail "art"
instead of handwriting a bunchload of Christmas cards that I like to send out.
I love being able to write little hand written notes during the holiday season, but as my list of loved ones has grown....my time has shrunk.

So mail art it is.

It's not super personal, but then again, it's at least a bit creative, involves updated pics of the munchkin, and at least it's not just a card with a signature.
(What do you do with those?)

Better than nothing right? I hope so.

So my piece for this weeks challenge of "Mail Art" at The Three Muses is this years family Christmas Card. I decided to use the Santa pic we got...which, by the way, the lines are LOOOOOONG...(why was I never told???)
I was not expecting to wait in line over an hour, but hey, I guess there's a first time for everything, haha.

Besides...it's once a year, I think I can muster up the patience for a long line at least once during the year...

Hope you enjoy the pic!

~*~ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ~*~


Above is the Santa pic he took...
5 pics, 5 mins of baby babble and weird noises, and finally they captured a smile. Something tells me he's not so sure about Santa just yet...

Below is the Christmas card I designed to send out.

Santa pic is from the local mall photographers
The rest of the imagery is from Scrapbook Graphics.


  1. Wonderful Holiday card Leila- the very best kind with your little one- the beautfiul photo and layout speaks of joy and warmth. Happy holidays to you!

  2. Oh wow this is really wonderful.
    Gorgeous digi work.

  3. Your card is scrumptious! What a joy it will be for those who receive it! Your little guy is so handsome - and brave too. I always think Santa must be a very intimidating figure to small children. I love the shiny embellishment on the side. Beautiful work. I love it.

  4. Leila this is the best kind of mail art, and what a little cutie you have there. Bravo my friend.

  5. ok, i simply repeat marie´s words... scrumptious!!

  6. What beautiful mailart, Leila. You took the ordinary mall photo and made it into something unique and very special. (Of course, the photographer had a very handsome subject to work with). Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. What a lovely family- christmas- card.
    Very sweet.

  8. How lucky you are to have such a sweet one. Your card is lovely. Enjoy your little one, the personal moments to create will come, you are sculpting a child right now.


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