Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eyes - Digital Collage

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Hello! Found this challenge site via other bloggers and thought I'd jump in and participate. :-)

The topic for this weeks theme at Sunday Postcard Art is "Eyes."

I've heard people say that eyes are windows to your soul. I've often thought this and have made it a habit of looking people directly in their eyes. It's unnerving for some, but I feel like I get a better sense of the person by looking into their eyes and essentially down into their soul.

Look in his eyes and see his soul

"Look, but don’t stare!
You'll be Caught and my death stare I should care.

Look in his eyes and see his soul.
His soul is red like the sea.
He speaks darkness, no love nor light.
His love is death, his hate is life.

His soul tell the truth, it doesn’t lie.
He tries to run, but he can’t hide.
His eyes they tell no lie.

They say if you look into ones eyes, you'll see his soul.
I have look in his eyes and seen the world; it’s cold.
Death was told, stick a needle, and his eyes, his world is cold.
If I see the light, would it be bright like the star at night."

~Junius Barnes

Modified Sources:
Background scenery is from my own photograph
The eyes are from Wotdoin's (Off Etsy)
The woman is from Itkupilli (Off Etsy)
All other elements are from Scrap Orchard & Scrapbook Graphics
Poem belongs to Junius Barnes


  1. This is wonderful fantasy Leila- beautiful eyes!

  2. Ooooh! The eyes just draw me in! Fantastic postcard.

  3. Oh wow this is impressive.
    Stunning ceation.

  4. This is wonderful Leila! Very whimsical.

    Cindy :)

  5. WOW!!! This is so awesome, beautiful work.

  6. I enlarged the collage and really, its such a artistic piece! Love the little lady who sits so relaxed under the tree while the eyes are watching her! FANTASTIC!!


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