Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Water - Digital Collage

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This weeks theme for The Three Muses is "water."

When I think of water my mind goes to rain...and how much I dislike it.
Being that it's now rainy season in my corner of the world, I'm feeling a tad claustrophobic,
stuck indoors and wishing I could go out and play.

I'm sure the munchkin would love to go to the park, but alas...it's just too wet right now.
....but, without the rain, we wouldn't have the beautiful spring flowers to follow...

"Rain rain go away...."

If you'd like to check out a couple other pieces I've done for other challenges that involve water,
follow the links:

Fish a la Surreal
The Bath House

Modified Sources:
Background and woman are from Itkupilli (off Etsy)
Flowers, vine, frame, rain, clouds, sun rays, sky came from Scrap Orchard (I think!)
Chair is from an Etsy seller (no name on sheet)


  1. Wow, this is just the best and too lovely!!!

  2. Wonderful digital collage Leila- the rain drops are perfect! Soft 'sherbert 'colors and the flowers/vine give a hint towards spring! Beautiful work!

  3. Leila, this is delightful. I love the rain drops.

  4. It's raining on Ms Antoinette! I think she feels about rainy days just as you do. On a rainy day I love to curl up with a good book or bake cookies, but I have to admit 4 or 5 rainy days in a row and I'm ready for it to stop!! Thanks for joining in our challenge this wsek!

  5. Oh wow this is brilliant.
    Really wonderful work. Love the images.

  6. Ooooo I really love this gorgeous piece. The tones are so inviting and I love how you did the clouds and raindrops..Thank you for follwing my blog :)I would like to return the favor, but I do not see your follow button....Thanks for sharing your talent :)

  7. Lovely art with a touch of whimsy!

  8. Leila this is nothing less than jaw droppingly brilliant. I love it.

  9. This is priceless. Marie A. looks to terribly bored and she has brought the rain clouds inside with her. I love this a lot. It is funny and so, so creative.
    (Hey, if you lived in my part of the world (south-western Australia) you would never have to complain about the rain. We get very little of it.)

  10. Oh, poor Marie has the rainy day blues. Talk about art therapy. I hope creating this was as delightful for you as it was for me to see!

  11. I hope the weather clears up inside the palace - things could get a bit soggy! Great piece - cheers!

  12. What an amazing piece of digital art, so beautiful, perfect!

  13. I really like it. The rainy clouds are great. A whole new insight on interior design :)

  14. Really wonderful piece. Soon those spring flowers will come...I look forward to your art that comes from the flowers! LynnF

  15. Wonderful--you expressed your feelings so well in this art piece!

  16. Oh wow, this is stunning! I love your idea to put the clouds and rain inside the house, wonderful :))

  17. Oh, I love this piece, beautiful art. This is my first time doing this challenge and the artwork is awesome.

  18. This is a gorgeous, magic, and romantic fantasy! So beautiful!!


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