Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Architecture - Digital Collage

This weeks theme at The Three Muses is "Architecture".

I knew exactly what I wanted to display in this image when I saw the theme
and then thought about all the drama over the last few years surrounding our lovely landmark.

Without reading further, can you tell what bridge this is?

I'll give you a hint, I live in the Bay Area. ;-)

It's our beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.
That RED bridge that almost everyone knows and loves.
...although, us "locals" haven't been loving the bridge TOLLS that keep increasing.
...and why is it increasing? Who really knows...but at one point I listened to the
news and the blame fell on the red paint and the upkeep of the color.

Well, my mind operating as it normally does, I thought....what if it was painted blue?
I doubt that would lower the cost, but it'd sure make for an interesting bridge!
Enter the portal into my new world. :-)

Modified Sources:
Bridge picture is mine.
Man is my grandfather (can you see him?)
Stairs are from Itkupilli (off Etsy)
Marie Antoinette is from Printable Vintage Papers (off Etsy)


  1. Leila this is beautiful! And I love your solution for the red paint problem. Gives me a big smile.

  2. Back in the day, I use to have a painting of this famous bridge hanging in my living room! Thanks for giving us a bit of local color about it, and for giving it a new color and a bit of whimsy! Well done.

  3. I have a big smile on my face--I love this!! I love S.F.--I was there many years ago, but plan to go back someday--my brother lives there.

  4. Beautiful work Leila- I live in Marin and travel across her all the time- love your take on this theme!

  5. I'm speechless Leila !!
    Not only by reading your post and the scenery that you've created.
    But also you've add a photo from your grandfather !
    And this is the FIRST entry with a BRIDGE for this theme.
    I've seen almost all entries and mostly buildings are used. (me included but a modern version LOL)
    For me...youe image is absolute a winner !

  6. This is really clever and so unique!

  7. I think your bridge is instantly recognisable to anyone, anywhere in the world! A few years ago, I was exploring California and other parts of the US. I remember the thrill of reaching the Golden Gate bridge and driving south across it to San Francisco. The only problem was that it was a very misty day and the bridge was shrouded and mysterious and low in visibility that day!
    I love your picture which is whimsical and creative. I love the saucy lady with a tunnel built in to her voluminous skirts!! Wonderful, thoughtful, clever artwork.

  8. Very creative, I love your interpretation of the theme. Love where you live too!

  9. Great and very creative, super!


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