Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oriental - Digital Collage

This weeks theme at Sunday Postcard Art is "Oriental".

I decided to take her out of her usual environment and "freed" her so she could express herself!

Loved every minute of this collage creation as I attempted a slightly looser style. ;-)

You may also like this one, created for another challenge last August:

I must say, I found a MUCH easier way of keeping track of the elements I use.
Before, I put my pieces together all willy nilly, then back tracked and tried to remember
which collage sheets I used.

Then I started trying to keep track of them in a word document,
and included them in my blog...but I have so many posts now
(and have truly enjoyed all of these challenges),
but realized as I created my Etsy shop that it was kind of time
consuming to back track through all my posts trying to find my sources...

So being that I use Photoshop most of the time now,
I figured there HAD to be some way to keep track.
So those of you that use photoshop that don't know,
you can go to File, File Info, Description,
and there are several sections you can write in.
I keep my list in the copyright notice section.
Then when I need to grab my sources they are all right there in my digital file.
...and voila! Less headache. ;-)

Modified Sources:
Background is from RubyBlossom (off Flickr).
Borders & tiger are from Scrapbook Graphics.
Bottom half of woman is from Suppliestogo (off Etsy)
Top half of woman, text, and "hat" (which was really an umbrella)
are from CollageAnonymous (off Etsy)


  1. wonderful postcards Leila....I love her umbrella!!!

  2. These are wonderful Leila- very beautiful and creative- I love her in her free mode! Like your thoughts on organizing elements too!

  3. What a fun piece, Leila...terrific postcard!!

  4. Leila, both pieces are superb - beautiful, oriental-flavoured art. I love them.

  5. These are perfect Leila.
    Fantastic oriental scene´s. Love it.

  6. Great card Leila - I love the concept of freein the geisha. Your other card is very beautiful. These two cards really show your diversity.

    Cindy :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful, great postcard!

  8. Leila both your pieces are beautiful. Bravo.

  9. Wonderful SPA's, your 1st one is so fun! It's probably what all the women of that time were thinking, I wish i could kick up my heels!!!
    Smiles, Susie

  10. She has definitely been 'freed'! Imaginative thinking. I love the other scene, as well.

  11. Wonderful postcards; love your take on the theme for the first one - great fun.

  12. Great postcards! I am in awe of your digital artwork; can't even imagine how to start with it.


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