Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stars - Digital Collage

This weeks challenge at The Three Muses is Stars.

This topic fell in line perfectly with a custom collage I'm working on
for a co-worker who asked me to make her a collage using her twin boys. :-)

Modified Sources:
Frame is from Tumble Fish Studios @ DeviantScrap.com.
Grass and background are from RubyBlossom (off Flickr).
Moon, tree trunk, and star are from ScrapOrchard.
Flowers are from Holliewood Studios @ DeviantScrap.com.
Childrens bodies are from Lisa's Altered Art (off Etsy).
Kids belong to my co-worker ;-)


  1. How beautiful- expecially meaningful with the photos of the boys- you are always so creative Leila- wonderful art!

  2. Absolutely adorable and so personal. This is a treasure!!! Hugs, Terri

  3. how stunning leila! i love it and the twins are too cute.

  4. How fantastic, Leila! I think your friend will treasure it for a very long time to come! Bravo! LynnF

  5. I hope everyone enlarges the picture, so as not to miss any of the fine details. This is so beautiful, Leila. What a wonderful keepsake for your friend and her boys. What a stunning little piece of art.

  6. So precious and a real keepsake for the mom!!!

  7. So lovely, Leila. Your friend will treasure this as a wonderful memento of your friendship and talent, as well as the image of her beautiful twin boys. Beautiful work!

  8. How lovely, great digital work.

  9. absolutely fantastic!! love the script in the stars!

  10. Nice, and it's always interesting to add photos in a collage.


  11. Leila, a stunning and wonderful collage. Bravo.

  12. A lovely piece, Leila. I am sure your colleague will love it!

  13. these boys are just TOOO CUTE!!! I adore them..

  14. Beautifull digi piece! Love youre design!


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