Monday, June 21, 2010

Can You See Us? - Digital Collage

This weeks theme at The Three Muses is "eyes."

For whatever reason, I had the show Ghost Whisperer stuck in my head. So I imitated the shows opening scene for no other reason than "because I love it."

I really love Maggie Taylors artwork and have been wanting to do a similar piece, so I figured what better timing than for the subject of eyes...and what you can or cannot see with them. I know what I've you?

Modified Sources:
Background, trees, eyes, background used for text
are from Holliewood Studios @
Fireflies are from
Woman and heads are from my files (available on Etsy soon!)


  1. Great interpretation of this theme and the show Leila- you have truly created a mysterious 'otherworld' of seeing. We don't always have to see with our eyes. Love this artwork!

  2. Love it, Leila, such spectacular mystical art!

  3. Hi Leila!!! wonderful work and I love your new blog look!!!

  4. Now I won't sleep tonight. Great work and great interpretation!

  5. This is wonderfully mysterious. I'm a Maggie Taylor fan too, and I love her art they use for the Ghost Whisperer. Wonderful work, Leila, and thanks for joining us this week!

  6. Unique and beautiful, Leila. Beautifully created. Hugs, Gayle.

  7. A very mysterious piece, Leila. Great work.

  8. I love that show - great work!

  9. Leila this is truly scrumptious and a fabulous work of art.

  10. Fabulous interpretation of the theme, Leila.

  11. Yes, I'm a Maggie Taylor fan too. Your piece is exquisite, Leila - so imaginative and beautifully executed. Great artwork.

  12. Leila, this is awesome! I find myself wondering what happened to those people in that field! I'm not a TV watcher so I've never seen the show, but I'll have to try to catch an episode of Ghost Whisperer if Maggie Taylor's art is on there. Your stuff is wonderful, I love your "Phrenology" & "Architecture" pieces, will explore here more. Thanks for sharing!


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