Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tree Pendant

Well, what can I say.  I didn't do a digital image, or even an art piece for this weeks challenge (unless you count jewelry as art?).  Not to say an image didn't pop into my head, because one did and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

...but alas, I'm having dreaded computer problems and I've been wasting hours upon hours trying to make sure absolutely every file is backed up before I mess with my main hard drive.

To be honest, when I thought I'd lost all my work - all 220gigs worth, I almost passed out.  ...but, I did manage to get the computer to load up and I've been slowly transferring files to my external hard drives before I check my main drive...  Most of it was already backed up, but for whatever reason instead of just updating my files, it goes and overwrites everything - which is why I thought I'd lost everything, didn't think it'd saved the previous version when re-booted. 

So with all that said, it left me with plenty of time to get creative and make something.  So I did.  I decided to try to make a tree pendant even though I've never created jewelry before.  First time for everything!  I used to create actual beaded trees, but gave that up back in my teens... 

I've seen "Tree of Life" pendants selling for quite a bit on Etsy, and tried my hand at it...

I succeeded...it's not very good, at least not to my standards, but I'm still quite proud of myself for accomplishing it.  While I wait for my files to copy, I'll probably take this apart, re-use the beads, and try again.  My friend and fiance say it looks good and to not dismantle it, but I'm not liking that the actual pendant isn't round...it's bugging me.  I guess I'm my harshest critique, who-da thunk...

Created for The Three Muses challenge "steampunk."  I used green glass beads and copper wire.  Also used Camille's tutorial!  :-)


  1. So artistic and so beautiful!

  2. I LOVE your tree! Don't take it apart! It doesn't matter it's not round, it's beautiful :)

  3. Leila, your pendant is truly lovely, you are so clever.

    I'm glad to hear you got almost everything back onto your computer ....... oh what a sinking feeling when you think you have lost everything. I have EVERYTHING backed up on to an external hard drive ..... just in case.

  4. This is a very beautiful pendant Leila- a lovely "tree of life" motif and you should wear this proudly. Sorry to hear about your computer woes- I just recently added a back up external to my computer. It is all getting a bit complicated but I feel safer now.

  5. love your tree certainly this should count as steampunk with all the wire. fingers crossed your computer will behave now.

  6. Sorry for your computer problems, Leila, but we benefited by getting to see your pendant! Thanks for sharing a new phase of your talent this week! It's beautiful.

  7. It looks great! Don't take it apart. Make another one.

  8. Interesting & unique piece of jewelry, Leila, beautiful!

  9. Steampunk is what we make of it. I don't think anyone knows what it really is. Your most exquisite pendant certainly qualifies. Your workmanship is superb. I have never seen anything like your beautiful tree within a ring.

    Standing ovation from me!

  10. You won't be happy until you redo it!... I think it's great!


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