Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tree Pendant #5

Just plugging away on these...trying to develop my style and figure out how to create these without damage to the wire.

This one I actually made for my mother in law.  She wanted a bright color, so I chose one of the colors that she said she liked and made her a tree.  I put it on a simple string and she wore it to work.  Got an email from her today, sounds like some of her co-workers want one too....pretty cool!  So I may be in business, woohoo...that'd totally be cool if I could sell these.  It certainly sounds like I'll be busy here pretty soon!


  1. Leila,
    This is a wonderful pendant. I have tried making something similar and mine was a poor attempt compared to yours. These are really hard to make.
    We tried contacting you about the ATC Swap, but the email came back undeliverable, plase send us an email when you get a chance so we can contact you.


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