Monday, August 9, 2010

Doors - Digital Art

Doors....created for this weeks theme at The Three Muses...

I made a comment to Taluula in my last post that I promised I'd do a happier piece this week since I had made her a bit sad.
Last weeks theme was a tad emotional for me, but this weeks, the endless possibilities...
I chose to open a door to my imagination and my oh my, look at all the critters trying to climb out!
I freed the zoo!  HAHAHA.

I had so much fun designing this piece, I do so love animals!
I hope you take a moment to enlarge and enjoy the scenary.
xoxo ~Leila

Modified Sources:
Tree, city, grasshoppers, raccoon, zebra, elephant, goose, fox, squirrels, dragonfly, crows, deer, jaguar are from Holliewood Studios @ DeviantScrap
Open doors are from Wikimedia & frame from IAL @ ScrapOrchard
Closed doors, frogs & parrots are from unknown
Giraffe from MZIMM @ Scrapbook Graphics
Flamingo from IAL @ ScrapOrchards
Opened door background from RubyBlossom



  1. What a great piece, I love all the elements you have added to it. You added a lot but knew when to stop. You made an interesting piece.

  2. Loved enlarging this to see all the detail! What a wonderful creation!

  3. This is a wonderful piece of whimsy, Leila. A great change of pace from last week, and isn't that the fun of doing art...that we can express our moods and thoughts, and be sad or silly. Well done!

  4. Wonderful feeling of freedom and flight!

  5. Wow, I'm fascinated by your piece, Leila, very imaginative art, brilliant piece!

  6. Wow wow really spectacualr. Wonderful idea and gorgeous design. Love them.

  7. How creative! Fantastic collage! I love it.xx

  8. I love that you freed the zoo! You made me smile!

  9. What a wonderful imaginatiove piece and it certainly was worth enlarging it. Very, very creative!

  10. Wow, this is very unique piece with a lot of mystery in it. Very beautiful and inspiring work!

  11. Great job how use snuck the little dragon flys and critters crawling up the trunk of the trees... love it

  12. Oh wow Leila this is just magnificent, and your sense of humour is on top form. Bravo.

  13. wow what a fabulous collage, love it. Annette

  14. Great digital collage, love the idea of all the doors in the tree.


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