Friday, August 6, 2010

Houses - Digital Art

Created for Sunday Postcard Art's challenge "Houses."

I was listening to Beyonce's song "Halo" and started thinking about falling angels for some reason.  So...I went with it and created this piece.  I've been referring to it as "The Fallen."

This is not a house I would want to live in...

Hope you like it  :-)

Modified Sources:
Sky is from IAL @ Scrapbook Graphics
"City" in the back and falling angel wings are from Holliewood @
House, woman in house, couple, and crying angel are from Itkulippi
Falling angels are from Marsha @ Tumble Fish Studio
Sign frame is from Gekkokamen


  1. Leila,
    I wish I knew how to do this. Is there a good book I could get to teach myself? This is so neat.

  2. Hi Debbie
    Well I use Photoshop CS 3 for most of my digital work. Photoshop Elements can also be used and that program is less expensive with same tools.

    Here's a link to a free trial:

    You can google tutorials and tips and tricks as well as use the help and tutorial section that usually comes with these programs. I'm not too familiar with PS Elements books since most of mine are for photoshop CS3, but I would think any beginner book to help you familiarize yourself with the available tools and what they do, something that also has tutorials should get you started. Google is also a superb resource, I have found bunches of helpful tips and tricks when I'm looking for something specific. Just requires patience in finding exactly what you're looking for.

    My biggest suggestion would be to decide one what program you want to learn, head down to a bookstore that has a nice selection and take a look at all the books. Sit down with them and go thru each one, flip thru the tutorials they offer and skim through them to make sure they aren't too technical and once you find one that will work with you, go with it and start creating. It's certainly very fun, opens you up to endless possibilities. Hope that helps a little, good luck!

  3. Hi again Debbie -
    It occurred to me that you may have been asking for book suggestions on digital collaging (and not the program itself).

    Here are my 2 favorites:

  4. This is wonderful Leila- I love your expression here. The backdrop of the city is perfect and there often is an older house of mystery nearby. This has great story telling and visual imagery!

  5. Oh, shivers! On close-up I see the house is called "The Inferno". How creative you are, and how well done this is!

  6. Stunning work!!! And maybe we should start an Anti-word verification club!!

  7. Amazing card, Leila, love the muted colours & the whimsical feel!

  8. A fantastic postcard, Leila. Your house reminds me a little of some of Gaudi's houses!

  9. Gaudi is the architect/designer in Spain, correct? I have a picture somewhere of one of his houses that I had taken on holiday in Spain. :-)

  10. Terrific postcard, beautifully created!

  11. Ahh there is so much to look at in this Leila, it's gorgeous and you are so talented.

  12. A fabulous postcard; great digital art. I am always in great admiration of digital art. Would love to learn, my attempt with the free trial a few years back proved too difficult to understand. One day will have to give it another try.

  13. Hi Yasmindeboo - Have you tried taking a course at an adult school or a local community college? I find that taking something with an instructor is much more my style, I like having someone around that I can ask questions when I get stuck.

    Thanks everyone for your great comments!

  14. This is wonderful Leila! I wouldn't want to live there either, but I enjoyed my visit!

    cindy :)


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