Friday, August 27, 2010

IS IT CHRISTMAS?!?!?! Nope, It's Blissfull ATC Swap Orange Challenge!

Well well well......what came in the mail for me today?  

Ohhh....I spy a package!  YAY!!

Nope, it's not Christmas, I got my swapped ATC from Leslie over at Junkgirl Studio.

Wanna see???  How fabulous is this?

She even wrapped it like it was a Christmas present!

  I was hesitant to take it apart, but super giddy to see what was beneath the lace, I felt like a kid all over again!

...and look, so pretty!  I love the use of glitter (and I do love me some sparkle!) and was pleasantly suprised at the little butterfly child.  Totally adorable.

It's hard to see by the picture, but hers is 3D.  :-)  The little boy is lifted up a bit and the flower sticks out, hard to describe, but the added 3D effect gives it lots of dimension.

Wanna see the back?

I love how Leslie incorporated the use of the dictionary meaning.  Out of complete curiosity I had the urge to compare to the dictionary I have on hand...  Very different definitions!  Interesting to see how our language has changed, lol. 

Leslie was super sweet and even provided a few little extras!

I can't wait to alter and somehow turn in to art!   :-)

Below is the ATC I sent her.  It's the first one I've ever done, but I must say, I had fun creating it.



There's plenty of time to join in on the next challenge.  Head on over to Bissfull ATC Swap, next challenge is leaves!

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