Monday, August 30, 2010

Nature - Journal Page

Did another journal page since my oh so wonderful computer is having issues again.
I need to be on vacation right about now.

Yes, indeedeeeee.....preferably w/an ocean or some kind of nature around me.
Someplace quiet....where I can think and put thoughts together.
Someplace.......with a margerita....or 10.

Created for The Three Muses "back to nature" challenge.


  1. Your journal pages are so full of fun Leila- whimsical delights!

  2. Leila, this is absolutely delightful - so full of whimsy and, yes, a wicked sense of humour. It's whale season here on the west coast of Australia and we are enjoying the sight of these magnificent creatures frolicking not far off shore. What an idea! I would love to be that lady in pink, taking a ride on a whale's tail!!
    Your artwork is always thoughtful, beautiful and sometimes very funny. This one is SPECIAL.

  3. What a wonderful journal page, Leila! Creative and delightful! You inspire with your journal pages! Good luck with solving the computer problems! LynnF

  4. I love your cute piece Leila!!! what a great whale!!!

  5. Love your heartfelt journal pages.... hope you get away soon!

  6. Oh I love your piece. It really made me smile Lovely work.xx

  7. I love your journal pages, Leila. This one gave me a huge smile. Artful, and oh so full of fun! Sorry about the computer "issues". I hope they're solved soon. In the meantime, we benefit by seeing these wonderful journal pages!

  8. Leila, I love your fun interpretation on Nature! I'm sorry to hear about your computer problems but I'm with you on a margerita or 10. Go for it girl.

  9. Leila, I hope you are able to slip away to paradise for awhile...I know the feeling.
    Your whale is soo cute...Jump on his back in the mean time and art will take you away. Good Job!

  10. What a fun journal page Leila, love it!

  11. Great fun journal page. Annette x

  12. I love your pages, Leila, they made me smile. Hope you get your computer sorted.


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