Monday, November 22, 2010

Latest Pendant Creations

I have been playing with a new pendant design for the Tree of Lifes I've been making. I also oxidized the one in the middle to "antique" it a bit. I love how it turned out, but need to play with the ratio to slow the oxidization process so I can work with the colors.

So far so good. Loving the turn out!

ps...also did this post from my cell phone. Love technology, LOL.
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  1. These are lovely Leila! Beautiful work!

    I finally got my crayons in the mail today and they were damaged! :(

    They are going to send me a new set but I was so excited to use them! lol

    Hope you are having fun using yours! :)

  2. Thanks Cathy! How were your crayons damaged? Are they broken or something else? If they're broken you can still use & then you'll have 2 sets, LOL. I broke my yellow one by accident, I just taped it up and continued. :-)


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