Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mama Lily Journal Page

Well I turned my Lilian sketch into a remembrance page for my grandmother.

I had done a digital remembrance for my mom's mom back in March when Grandma McHugh passed.

I felt it only right to do one for my dad's mom since I hadn't had a chance to do one and she passed back in Jan of 2009.

She never liked the word "grandma," said it made her feel old...for as long as I can remember our family called her Mama Lily.

A petite, but oh so strong woman that I loved visiting in Haiti.  The funny thing about Haiti is every time I go back, the scents that hit me as I leave the plane, every single time my spirit feels like I'm at home. 
I belong.
And every single time we depart, it never fails, I don't want to leave.

Haitians are such a beautiful people and I loved observing the cultural differences in the years I had with visiting Mama Lily.  I especially loved visiting with my grandma.  She gave us the biggest bear hugs she could and was always so interested in our lives and what we'd been up to.  I loved listening to her chatting away, even if it was in a language I never understood.  Thankfully she knew a bit of English so we were able to communicate, but when she got kiddy she switched back to Creole and I would watch her face light up with laughter.

I miss Mama Lily, and even with the year that she's already been gone, she's always in my thoughts.


  1. Oh, Leila, I'm sure Mama Lily is looking down from a heavenly garden and smiling at your beautiful tribute! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog post. It's giving me an opportunity to see your gorgeous work! Good luck in my drawing too! Hugs, Terri

  2. That is wonderful, Leila! I love Mama Lily's eyes. And I think I know what you mean about Haiti. We used to travel there from Gitmo, Cuba when we were stationed there as we had Embassy flights that went there every week with supplies. The people were so happy and friendly and it seemed like someone was always singing. There was this smell of burning wood and cooking food that made me hungry the minute we stepped off the plane. The tap taps were so colorful and the markets were just eye candy with all the color and carved wood. We would go up to the Baptist Ophanage and take coloring books and crayons and food and you would have thought we were Santa Clause! We have traveled quite a bit and I always say that the biggest smiles in the world are in Haiti. Hope that is still true and I know Mama Lily is trying to help keep it so..especially now with her promotion to guardian angel.


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