Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking an Art Class!

No pics today...Just got home and sadly no time for art...but...

I am SO excited for this Monday to hurry up and arrive.



Juliette Crane is having a How to Paint an owl E-Course!

I've admired her work for a little while, and would've loved to take the class she offered...but alas, I live nowhere near her...

...but what's that?  An E-Course?

No way, sign me up!  Yeehaaaaa, I'm super duper excited and can't wait. 
I've gone over her class supply list a gazillion times to make sure I really am ready...and yes, yes I am.

Now if only I could speed up time so it could be Monday already....

Ahhh....just had to get that out.

If you're interested you can check out her class info over here!


  1. You go! How exciting - enjoy the class!

  2. good for you Leila!! Love Juliette's art! I am sure the class will be great! Excited to see what you create with her!! :)

  3. I am signed up to take Juliette's class too! I shall see you on Monday in our cyber space classroom!

  4. tell us more about the e class (???) and you know we're going to want to see the owls :)Pam

  5. Hi Pam - Her info on the class is here:

    I will be posting all my work as I go :-)


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