Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Backgrounds

I worked on some more backgrounds this weekend. 

I may or may not use them for the course I'm taking...
I actually am thinking of using them for something else I have in mind...but we'll see.

Here they are, I really like how they turned out:

I did these on watercolor paper in my journal. Used Acrylic inks and stencils...didn't use any colorwash this time. Just paint, paint daubers, and tiny ink pads.

Oh, I lied, I did use color wash, but really all I did was spray a layer of ink to alter the colors a little bit.  The 1st one I really liked so I didn't spray anything on it.  The 2nd one got some blue color wash spray towards the top (you can see the blue tint where it used to be white) and then at the bottom I did some green color wash.  The 3rd one for whatever reason I felt compelled to spray some red color wash over it.  Not sure if you can see it, but it added a cool spotty texture to it.  :-)
In other news, hit up my local Micheals today and am quite pleased at my little score.

I got this:

I had been eyeballing it for quite some time...but just couldn't justify the $80 price tag so I passed it up each time...even with the 40% off coupons I get every week. 
This week though I noticed they were doing a clearance to get rid of all these storage items and they had a 50% off tag for all the storage items.  
Well, I got my favorite gal that I always chat it up with every time I see her working and asked her to check the price for me.  Turns out it was supposed to be in the clearance section and not in the 50% off section...but she did the little gun thing to see what it was priced at.  Turns out it was on clearance for $34.99....then she said since it was in the wrong spot, she'd give me 50% off...I thought she meant 50% off the normal sticker price of $80 (which didn't mathematically add up for me)....but NO!  She meant 50% off the clearance I got it, literally, for $17!!!  I am so stoked!!!  Ahahahaha....I immediatly came home and begged hubby to hang it for me, hehe...but since he was grumpy and waiting on his cousins so he could watch Wrestlemania (*major eye roll here*) I said ok, install tomorrow, pretty please?! 

So yippee, it will hopefully be on my wall where I pointed tomorrow when I get home from work, LOL.

*keeping fingers crossed*

I suppose I could hang it myself, but I don't wanna....  *pulling out the feminine card here!*
That is why we get married right?  I cook dinner, you do all that hard stuff I don't want to do.  HAHA
We make up rules as we go, right  ;-)

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday.  I know I did!!!


  1. Gorgeous...all beautiful and unique and very atmospheric...lovely!

  2. Hi Leila,
    Visiting via the e-course. These backgrounds are gorgeous. I can't wait to get out my spraypaints this weekend and then start painting some owls!

  3. Hi Beth - Thank you, see you at the E-course!


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