Monday, April 4, 2011

Pre-Preschool....and a feature!

Little man started pre-preschool today...It was quite the exciting day...for mommy and daddy.  For little man, well, he hated it, LOL.  Hopefully he'll adjust to not being glued to our hips here pretty soon and on to making new friends and learning more! 

I can't wait!!

ps...he was happy the first 30 minutes...while we were there, but once we tried to leave, ohhh yeah, waterworks.  He'll get used to it soon, I hope!

...In other news, My pendant has also been featured on this very cool blog:  

....and now it's time to go nite nite...

Hope you're all well!


  1. LOVE that pendant - congratulations!! And I'm loving the ethereal backgrounds you create! Thanks for sharing them - quite an inspiration! I'm blog-hopping today from the list at Strathmore workshop. I haven't had time to view any of them yet, and am so glad I could today!

  2. Such a Sweet Nighty Nite Picture! I hope your going to frame it! And your pendant is awesome too! Hugs Tee

  3. Thank you so much VstarRider! Glad you stopped by :-)

    Thank you Tee! Can you believe he's almost 3 and I still havent worked on his baby book? little time and he's growing too fast!! haha :-)


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