Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fantasy - Digital Collage

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This week I had the pleasure of supplying the sample image for Take a Word challenge site.

The topic I chose is Fantasy....and this is mine.  It's a bit Narnia world meets my world and I so wish I could find the door so I can go play...

I hope you like the topic as well as the image I came up with, enjoy creating your "Fantasy!"

Modified Sources:
Both backgrounds, cauldron, elephant on ball, lion, monkey, & tiger from Holliewood Studios at
Door from Itkullippi off Etsy
Horse, butterflies, leaves/vines and grass/flowers from DeviantScrap Colorsplash
Deer from Crowabout


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    You are a master!!!

  2. Fantastic piece, Leila, love the clean lines, great challenge!

  3. A great challenge Leila. I love your fantastical room! xx

  4. Very surreal, the quite room juxtaposed to the animals, great

  5. I hope everyone enlarges it to see it properly. It's wonderful!

  6. Leila, as you can see, the challenge is going very well thanks to you and your great fantasy picture. 18 entries after only a few hours.
    Great artwork - so creative and crisply done. Fantastic.

  7. Love this flight of fancy, Leila. Love the whimsy and nice clean lines.

  8. How wonderful to have that rich an imagination Leila! Love your piece! =)

  9. fantastica imagem Lunatica escolhida!
    me fez recordar do Filme Narnia!

  10. Fantastical, Leila! Great sample and challenge.

  11. It was a great topic Leila !!
    And my compliments how you mixed all elements together into a wonderful piece !!
    And Leila, Thank you for your kind words regarding my mother's passing.
    I appreciated this very much! xxx

  12. Fabulous piece, Leila! Fun challenge :)

  13. Your fantasty collage is wonderful.

  14. I love the starkness of it! It is very different than most fantasy pictures.

  15. Thanks everyone, really appreciate all your comments! stemmed from a weird dream I had, woke up with the image on the brain and I knew I wanted it very clean and clear. I tried to keep it as close to my dream as possible. :-)


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