Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paint Over Collage - New Art

Tam over at her Willowing Ning site offers several super awesome courses.

I knew she was offering her Paint over Collage technique called Collage, Paint & Soul at 21 Secrets, but I didn't want to pay for all those courses with the limited time I have, so when I noticed she's now offering it separately on her site, well I jumped all over that!

(psssst....it's only $15!!!)

It's a self study course, which is fine with me because I can work on it as I have my own time.  She offers 2 videos and I watched both of them immediately.  I can't believe how easy she makes it look!  ...and it really is super easy.  I started my collage yesterday and I finished it today.

I'm quite happy with the first one I've completed and am just itching to get started on a new one...but I'll have to wait a couple days since tomorrow (6/15) is my BIRTHDAY and I don't expect to have much free time.  ;-)

Well happy birthday to me...I bought myself a fun art course, {teehee!}


  1. Happy Birthday Leila - I couldn't pass up Tam's good deal either! Looking forward to doing more with this method.

  2. Hi Geri -It's so much fun, you will love it!! I'm totally addicted to this style and can't wait to see what else I can come up with. :-) Thank you for the bday wish!

  3. oooh FABULOUS! :) so glad you're enjoying the lessons and I love your piece, such a strong powerful msg too! Is so cool how much it transforms from the original collage eh! great work Leila! :) x and thank you for mentioning the course on your blog! x

  4. Happy Birthday Leila!! I just signed up for that course too!! Looks great!! Excited to get started! Love Tam!

    Love this transformation! Beautiful work!

  5. Thank you so much Tam and you're welcome too! Absolutely love the course. :-)

    Thank you Cathy! You will love it!!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Leila ♥
    What a wonderful birthday present to buy yourself. I signed up with some birthday money too!!
    Love, love, love your first attempt. Your lady is stunning..I adore the background colours and love the words you have chosen too.
    Have a great day.Xx


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